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Quick Access to Care in Our Children’s Emergency Department

University Children’s Emergency Department at University Hospital is a separate, dedicated emergency center, capable of handling any kind of emergency — from a worrisome middle-of-the-night fever, to the kinds of urgent problems that can happen quickly in children with complex or chronic medical conditions.

We provide complete care to children by offering fast access to certified pediatric emergency doctors and a wide range of pediatric specialists from UT Health San Antonio.

Fast Care for Very Important Kids

University Health System has a Very Important Kids (VIK) program in partnership with UT Health San Antonio. This program is designed specifically for children who have chronic medical conditions such as cystic fibrosis or cancer. Parents are given a VIK identification card to present in the Emergency Room so that the doctors and nurses in the ER can then contact specialists for recommendations about how to treat your child.

Know Where to Go

We can help you decide if the Children's Emergency department is right for your needs. If not, our PediExpress Walk-in Clinics are also available and may be more suitable to treat your child's condition. You can download our Walk-in Care/Children’s ER Guide as a reference to help you determine where to go for the right care. When in doubt, please come to the Emergency Department and we can help you determine your child's needs.

And if a child requires more serious care for an injury, the only Level I Pediatric Trauma Center in South Texas is just seconds away!


Our Children's Emergency Department offers some of the highest level of care for emergencies in the region. Our experienced medical teams are ready to provide care to your child 24/7 for any emergency from minor illnesses to life-threatening conditions.


At our Children's Health Emergency department, you can count on receiving the best, most convenient care possible. We offer comprehensive treatments that allow our patients access to advanced tests and pediatric specialists so that each child gets the care and help they need.


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