Strawberry-kiwi summer spritzer recipe
August 16, 2022
Beat the dog days of summer with this refreshing strawberry-kiwi spritzer recipe, which is also gluten-free and gout-friendly.
Alessia's Apert Syndrome Story
August 11, 2022
Alessia’s parents found the team at University Hospital to treat her apert syndrome. After several successful surgeries, Alessia has a bright future ahead of her.
Wear the Gown: Signs of Dementia
August 09, 2022
University Health's Dr. Katherine Whiteley talks about the early stages of dementia and what effect that can have on later brain function.
One in five COVID-19 patients have long lasting symptoms
August 05, 2022
According to the CDC, one in five American adults who have had the virus report having symptoms that some are calling long-COVID.
A pediatrician's back-to-school guide
August 03, 2022
Get back-to-school tips from a University Health pediatrician about vaccinations, healthy habits and more.
Beach and water safety
July 28, 2022
A dose of vitamin sea is good for the soul, but illness and injury can spoil your trip. If you're planning a trip to the coast before school starts up again, follow these tips to keep your beach days healthy and fun.
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