Transfer a Patient

One Call Does It All

Healthcare providers looking to transfer or transport a patient to University Hospital can do so easily, with one call.

University Hospital is the only academic medical center in San Antonio and South Texas, staffed with physician specialists around the clock to care for the most complex and critical medical conditions.

Adult Transfers

To transfer an adult patient to University Hospital, call 210-358-2500.

Pediatric Transfers & Transports

To transfer or transport a pediatric patient to University Hospital, call 855-4-UHS-PED (855-484-7733).

Neonatal Transfers & Transports

To transfer or transport a neonate, call our NICU Transport Hotline and we’ll make the process simple and seamless:

  1. Call our NICU Transport Hotline at 800-616-6122.
  2.  A unit secretary will answer your call and obtain a call back number from you.
  3.  If not immediately, a neonatologist will return your call within 5 minutes.
  4.  We’ll then make arrangements to transfer the child and our neonatologist will be available for medical consultation management questions prior to and during the transport.

A member from our NICU team will contact you, the referring provider, with the infant’s status once he/she has arrived and been stabilized. We will continue to update you throughout the infant’s stay at University Hospital.

Attendance at Deliveries

In an effort to aid you in improving perinatal outcomes, our NICU Transport Team can attend and assist with deliveries. Should your obstetrical patient present or progress too far to safely transport, our neonatal team will assist with delivery, stabilize as needed and transport the infant. Attendance at delivers will be determined on a case by case basis after the consultation with the neonatologist on call.

Return Transport

We recognize the need of your patients to be close to home and family. Our Transport Team often returns transport for patients by ambulance or air, depending on the baby’s condition.

Maternal Transfers & Transports

To initiate the maternal transfer or transport process to University Hospital, follow these steps:

  • Call the University Hospital Adult Transfer Center at 210-358-2500.
  • Provide the transfer center with:
    • Type of patient to be transferred
    • Physician name
    • City/Hospital

The transfer center staff will connect you with an OB physician for a conference call and will remain on the line. At the end of the call, the transfer center will ask if we may arrange transportation through AirLIFE. We might require additional information and ask for you to provide a contact person for follow up.

Attendance at Deliveries

Should delivery of the patient be imminent, our neonatal transport team is available to attend and assist with delivery. You can reach our Neonatal Transport Team at 800-616-6122.