Corporate Social Responsibility

Volunteer Corps

Mission Statement

The mission of the University Health Volunteer Corps is to provide University Health staff and their families with diverse opportunities for community service.


The University Health Volunteer Corps will.

  • Support the vision of University Health by improving the well being of the citizens of Bexar County, South Texas and beyond.
  • Provide a team building, social environment for current employees which will attract potential employees to University Health.
  • Be the premier employee volunteer service group in Bexar County. The first to volunteer and the first to be called upon when there is a need.

Register to become a member of the University Health Volunteer Corps.


All volunteers attending a University Health event must read and sign this agreement form.

  • Completed forms must be returned to:
  • Allow 2-3 weeks to coordinate an event visit.

Infection Control

Participants must be 15 years of age or older, with up to date Measles and Rubella immunizations, be immune to Chicken Pox and be in the excellent heath on the day of the event.

HIPPA Regulations

Protect the privacy of a patient’s personal health information. Any information that may be obtained directly of indirectly concerning patients or their families is confidential and deserves the utmost respect. Unless a patient or their family initiates discussion about a patient’s personal health information, direct inquiries concerning a patient’s health are prohibited.


Patient privacy regulations include protection of patient identity, and video recordings and/or photographs of patients are prohibited without the written consent of the patient or the patient’s parent if the patient is a minor child. With the appropriate consent, University Health staff member(s) assigned to accompany the group may take pictures for the purpose of general marketing communications, promotion or advertising of special events. Photographs and/or video recordings may include event participants and remain the property of University Health.

Number of Attendees

No more than SIX members of your organizations may participate at a time, including an adult leader. All individuals and /or groups must be accompanied by a University Health staff member. The number of patient participants will vary based on census and medical condition.

Toy & Distributions

Only NEW, unwrapped toys can be accepted to be given to the children. All items must be pre-approved by the Volunteer Services Department. No religious oriented entertainment, activities or gifts will be accepted. When collecting donations and gifts, please take into consideration that there are children of all ages and abilities as you prepare for your special event activity.


At all times, each individual and all groups are responsible to present themselves in a friendly, clean and courteous manner. No shorts, tank tops, midriffs, or miniskirts are allowed and child-friendly attire is appreciated.