Spiritual Care Volunteers

How to Become a Spiritual Care Volunteer

Volunteering is a time commitment as well as a commitment to uphold our mission to providing compassionate, exceptional care to our patients, their families and our community. The role of this volunteer is to offer comfort and consolation to patients and their families. Our application process can take up to four weeks and includes:

Complete an Application & Submit Additional Documents

You can apply for the Spiritual Care Application online. Along with your application, you’ll need to provide a current driver's license or passport and proof of vehicle registration and current insurance.

Complete & Pass Screenings

You’ll need to complete and pass a health screening when you apply and each year after, which includes a mini physical, a urine drug test, a tuberculosis (TB) skin test and a flu shot. All potential volunteers must also pass a criminal background check.

Complete an Interview

Every potential volunteer interviews with our volunteer interview committee member.

Complete Orientation

Before you can begin volunteering, you must attend a two-hour orientation and training session. You’ll learn important information about the hospital and your volunteer responsibilities.