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A Lifeline to Healing From One Patient to Another

Grateful Patient Program

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Lifeline Story: Rosemary Kowalski

Learn about Rosemary Kowalski's story.

Every day patients and families share how their lives have been touched by the innovative, compassionate care they found at University Health System.

  • The nurse who held your hand and encouraged you during the birth of your first child.
  • The surgeon who saved your life when you were rushed to the University Hospital trauma center.
  • The nutritionist who offered practical resources to help you manage your diabetes.
  • The chaplain who put your family at ease during a difficult time.

Our Grateful Patient program is a way to say thanks and make a difference in the lives of others. With your gift, you can honor a special doctor or nurse, an entire department, or a specific program that has made a difference in your life or that of a loved one.

Your gift makes a tangible impact. Whether you choose to direct it to the Primary Fund for our most pressing needs or to the service line of your choice, 100 percent of every contribution helps ensure that future patients have the same access to the highest level of care.

The staff member or department is notified when a gift is made in their name. Donation amounts are confidential and fully tax deductible. Your donation is a lifeline for patients and encourages those who’ve dedicated their lives to health and healing.

Thank you for becoming a part of this community-wide effort. Read what patients have to say!