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Trauma Rehabilitation

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To contact the Adult Trauma Follow-up Clinic, call us at 210-743-2900.

Trauma Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation often plays an important role during the recovery from traumatic injuries, illnesses and other debilitating conditions. It is your bridge back to full independence. We understand this process can present physical and emotional challenges. That’s why we are here to face them with you, head on and side by side.

Next Step in Your Amazing Recovery

Trauma patients are typically able to begin physical rehabilitation once they are in stable condition. In severe cases, therapists may engage patients even earlier. Many University Health trauma patients continue their recovery at the Reeves Rehabilitation Center on the second floor of University Hospital’s Rio Tower.

Our trained therapists are ready to get started on your recovery with:

  • Physical and occupational therapy to build muscle control
  • Speech pathology to improve speech, swallowing, cognitive evaluation and treatment
  • Respiratory therapy to help with breathing
  • Vocational and recreational therapy to enhance lifestyle and job