Research Patients Rights

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These are your rights as a research volunteer:

  • To be told what the study is trying to determine.
  • To be told what will happen to you and whether any of the procedures, drugs, or devices are different from what would be used in standard practice.
  • To be told about the frequent and/or important risks, side effects, or discomforts of the things that will happen to you for research purposes.
  • To be told if you can expect any benefit from participating and, if so, what the benefits might be.
  • To be told the other choices you have and how they may be better or worse than being in the study.
  • To be allowed to ask any questions concerning the study, both before agreeing to be involved and during the course of the study.
  • To be told what sort of medical treatment is available if any complications arise.
  • To refuse to participate or to change your mind about participating after the study is started.
    • This decision will not affect your right to receive the care you would receive if you were not in the study.
  • To receive a copy of the signed and dated consent form.
  • To be free of pressure when considering whether you wish to agree to be in the study.

-Taken from California's Research Volunteer's Bill of Rights