Research & Clinical Trials

Research Begins Here

Since 1968, we have served as a clinical research site, consistently improving the delivery of healthcare and quality of life for our patients.

Currently, more than 600 research projects are being conducted in partnership with the faculty at UT Health San Antonio.

These advancements bring about direct improvements in the care of University Health System patients. From basic scientific research to translational studies (“bedside to bench”) and clinical trials, outcomes result in improved treatments and cures, enhanced diagnostic capabilities and novel medical devices.

Participating in a Clinical Trial

Participating in a clinical trial is always voluntary. Before entering a clinical trial, it’s important for patients to understand the possible benefits, risks and questions to ask.

Clinical Trials We Offer

University Health offers a wide range of clinical trials. Currently active clinical trials are listed below.

Diabetes Clinical Trials

Effect of Cycloset on Glycemic Control When Added to GLP-1 Analogue Therapy View this Trial

A Euglycemic Insulin Clamp Study in Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Oral Insulin (ORAMED) View this Trial

Durability of Combination Therapy With Exenatide/Pioglitazone/Metformin vs. Conventional Therapy in New Onset T2DM View this Trial

Neurology Clinical Trials

Detecting Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizures With a Seizure Detection and Warning System in Epilepsy Patients View this Trial

Oncology Clinical Trials

Oncology Clinical Trials E1912: A Randomized Phase III Study of Ibrutinib (PCI-32765)-based Therapy vs Standard Fludarabine, Cyclophosphamide, and Rituximab (FCR) Chemoimmunotherapy in Untreated Younger Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) View this Trial

Pediatric Clinical Trials

Health4Kids Intervention Trial for Hispanic Families (H4K) View this Trial

14VR4: Comparison of VRS-317, a Long-acting Human Growth Hormone, to Daily rhGH in a Phase 3, Randomized, One-year, Open-label, Multi-center, Non-inferiority Trial in Pre-pubertal Children with Growth Hormone Deficiency. The VELOCITY Study: Versartis Long-Acting Growth Hormone in Children compared to Daily rhGH View this Trial

Compassionate Use of IV Fish Oil for Parenteral Nutrition (PN) Liver Injury (Omegaven) View this Trial

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinical Trials

ACNS1123, Phase 2 Trial of Response-Based Radiation Therapy for Patients with Localized Central Nervous System Germ Cell Tumors (CNS GCT) View this Trial

ACNS0122, A Phase II Study to Assess the Ability of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy +/- Second Look Surgery to Eliminate All Measurable Disease Prior to Radiotherapy for NGGCT View this Trial

SCUSF0901, ACCL0922, A Phase II Placebo-Controlled Trial of Modafinil to Improve Neurocognitive Deficits in Children Treated for a Primary Brain Tumor View this Trial

Trauma Clinical Trials

Study of Tranexamic acid during Air Medical Prehospital transport (STAAMP) trial Phase 3 Multi-Center, Prospective, Randomized, Blinded, Controlled Interventional Trial View this Trial