Bioness® L300 Foot Drop & Thigh Weakness System

Following a stroke or brain injury, returning to normal walking is a high priority, and early intervention is crucial to avoid development of poor walking habits. At Reeves Rehabilitation Center in San Antonio, TX, our highly dedicated team uses a Bioness® L300 Plus for Foot Drop & Thigh Weakness System that assists in improving your walking and balance if you suffer from foot drop and thigh weakness. With Bioness® L300, we can improve your ankle strength, range of motion, re-educate muscles, and improve knee control and balance. All this is achieved with electrical simulation from the Bioness® simulator to the muscles that help with walking. Our main goal is to get you back to walking as normal as possible.

Bioness® L300 Foot Drop & Thigh Weakness training is:

  • Designed to assist with "foot drop" that often occurs in diagnoses such as stroke, brain injury, incomplete spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and Cerebral Palsy. It addresses the foot drop which often limits the ability to advance the leg without the foot catching the floor or slapping the ground once contact is made
  • Designed to assist in bending and straightening of the knee while walking to provide better control and pattern of movement

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Certain patients might even benefit from having Bioness® L300 unit for home use.

Location: Medical Center Pavilion, 2nd floor

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