Neonatal Intensive Care

Big Care for Tiny Patients

When your infant requires advanced medical resources, you can count on the Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at University Hospital. We offer the highest level of care available in South Texas, including a comprehensive team of neonatal specialists and state-of-the-art facilities.

Meet Your University Hospital Neonatal Team

Your baby is in the best of hands with a multidisciplinary team that delivers compassion along with expertise in infant care. Your care team may include:

  • Specially trained neonatologists with advanced knowledge of treating premature and sick infants
  • Nurse practitioners with special expertise in caring for newborns
  • Dedicated NICU pharmacist with years of experience in neonatal care
  • Registered nurses with advanced certifications in intensive care for infants
  • Dietitians from our Neonatal Nutrition and Bone Institute
  • Lactation consultants
  • Pediatric subspecialists available as needed to treat your baby’s medical conditions
  • Respiratory therapists staffed around the clock
  • Dedicated clinical laboratory technicians to track changes in your baby’s health status at any hour of the day or night
  • Developmental specialists to attend to your baby’s developmental needs
  • Pastoral care counselors and other support staff

Learn more about the many ways we care for you and your baby in our NICU.

Video Communication with Your Child in the NICU

Angel Eye

When you can’t be with your baby in the NICU because you live outside San Antonio and can’t make frequent trips to the hospital, we may be able to bring you the next-best thing: video communication with your infant. We are the only hospital in San Antonio to offer the unique Angel Eye® program. Angel Eye features:

  • Secure camera system for you to view your newborn day or night
  • Online accounts for anyone you designate to check in on your baby whenever they’d like
  • Messaging to leave a message for the care team, day or night
  • Language translator powered by Google Translate
  • 10 high-resolution cameras for the clearest images of your newborn

Angel Eye allows you to play an important role in your baby’s wellness even when you can’t be there.

Baby Chat

We also offer Baby Chat for mothers recovering after delivery who can’t get to the NICU. This technology allows you to see and hear your infant by using an iPad. We help you feel like you’re at the NICU bedside even when you can’t be there in person.

Donor Milk Program

In partnership with Prolacta® Bioscience, University Hospital delivers specialized nutritional care to NICU babies whose mothers cannot provide breast milk for any reason. Milk bank donors make it possible for us to give neonates 100 percent human milk products that deliver vital nutrients.

Nursing mothers in our community can donate breast milk to support the fragile babies of the NICU. Visit our Donor Milk Program page for details and to learn how you can support your favorite charity at the same time.

Goslings Program

The NICU Goslings Program is an early literacy initiative offered to parents and caregivers when their babies are in the NICU. Our caring, experienced staff offers guidance to help your baby’s development and make your experience positive. Through this program, we’ll inspire confidence in your ability to recognize your baby’s signals and behavioral cues.

This innovative, research-based program features a number of learning experiences and resources including:

  • Learning your baby’s evolving behavioral clues
  • Establishing routines through interaction and repetition
  • Books, songs, and other tools to encourage speech development
  • Skilled, trained staff to guide you through your time in the NICU

Neonatal Nutrition & Bone Institute

Babies born prematurely have unique needs when it comes to their nutrition and general health. Our experts in the Neonatal Nutrition and Bone Institute specialize in infant nutrition, bone health and treating medical conditions related to prematurity. We offer an individualized health plan for your baby, specialized diagnostic testing and access to clinical trials for advanced treatments.

NICU Graduate Clinic

Children born with two or more complex medical issues are cared for in neonatal intensive care units. After leaving a NICU, these children often need additional care from a variety of medical professionals. Our NICU Graduate Clinic offers just that – two years of pediatric medical care from a full team of professionals with experience caring for premature infants and infants with special medical needs – all in one place and serving as your child’s primary pediatric medical home.

PREMIEre Program

Your premature baby may start out in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, but that’s just the beginning. Our PREMIEre Program offers three years of comprehensive, ongoing care to children at risk of developmental delays due to prematurity, serious illness at birth or environmental factors.

Our PREMIEre Program provides critical services to you and your baby.


We periodically evaluate your child for growth, development and neurological abnormalities that can result from prematurity.


From medical treatments to developmental programs, we offer your child the services he or she needs to grow strong and healthy.

Speech Evaluation

Children who were born prematurely can lag behind in speech development. Our assessment makes sure your child meets developmental milestones on time.

Psychology Services

Sometimes children develop behavioral issues due to prematurity, illness at birth or home environment. We provide support to parents and children to address any behavioral issues that arise.

Parent Education

We’ll teach you about infant and child nutrition, personal care and anything else you need to help your child thrive.

We serve babies who stay in our own NICU, as well as any South Texas infant weighing less than 3.5 pounds at birth who is referred by their pediatrician.