Meet our Heart Team

University Children’s Health Heart Center offers your child best-practice congenital cardiac care with an empathy and kindness that families want and our patients deserve. Our Heart Center offers some of the best outcomes in the nation, and we believe that’s due to the exceptional skill level of our multidisciplinary pediatric cardiac specialists, as well as our dedication to treating each patient as family. Our team of cardiothoracic surgeons, pediatric intensivists, pediatric cardiologists, cardiac nurses and heart health professionals, provide the highest quality of care for this special group of patients. In fact, we are one of just 3 pediatric heart programs in Texas designated by Optum as a Center of Excellence.

Pediatric Surgeons

Our surgical program is led by board-certified pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons who have 40 years of combined experience in pediatric heart care.

  • Dr. John H. Calhoon is professor and chair of Cardiothoracic Surgery at UT Health San Antonio, and holds the president’s council chair for excellence in surgery. He is a Harvard trained pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon who has 30 years of experience. He is ably assisted by colleagues with a deep commitment to the Congenital Heart Program that have been a part of our team for decades.
  • Dr. Ed Sako is division head of Cardiac Surgery at UT Health San Antonio.
  • Dr. O. LaWayne Miller is professor and senior adult cardiac surgeon.

Pediatric Cardiologists

Our cardiology team consists of 6 pediatric cardiologists who provide innovative clinical care with a family-centered approach.
  • Dr. Patrick Glasow is a clinical professor of pediatrics in the Division of Cardiology at UT Health San Antonio.
  • Dr. Elaine Maldonado-Campbell is an associate professor of pediatrics and director of Pediatric and Fetal Echocardiography Services at UT Health San Antonio.
  • Dr. Steven R. Neish is a professor of pediatrics at UT Health San Antonio and holds the Greehey Family Foundation chair in Pediatric Pardiology.
  • Dr. Mehul D. Patel is an assistant professor of pediatrics at UT Health San Antonio.
  • Dr. Roozbeh Taeed is an associate professor of pediatrics at UT Health San Antonio.