What to Expect During Your Visit at the Pancreas Tumor Center

We start working on your care even before you arrive at the Pancreas Tumor Center. As soon as you schedule an appointment, our team works rapidly to gather your medical records and previous testing from your other healthcare providers. These records are used so that your evaluation day is customized to your individual needs. It is not necessary to bring your medical records with you. Your evaluation day is customized to your individual needs.

What to bring with you:

  • Insurance and/or Medicare card
  • Snacks for your morning (once you complete radiology testing)
  • Lunch or money for your afternoon break (there is a small café, 1st floor)
  • A complete list of all your medications including prescriptions, grocery store medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements
  • Books or magazines
  • Phone charger

This is what you can expect on your evaluation day:

In the morning – You may have blood work drawn and same day diagnostic tests performed by our radiology team. You will meet with our social worker who can assist you with any non- medical issues. They can provide you with information regarding Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Medicaid, Medicare and other important insurance information.

You also have access to a dietitian. Because what you eat and drink is essential to your overall health and healing, our dietitians are key members of the team. They are available throughout your treatment process to provide nutritional advice to help you remain as healthy as possible.

In addition, your morning appointments will include a visit with our clinical coordinator - a highly-trained and experienced physician assistant. Our clinical coordinator reviews your case extensively before your visit. They keep you informed of your plan of care and guide you, step-by-step through this process and communicate with your doctors.

During lunch – While you and your family or caregivers take a break, the Pancreas Tumor Board meets. The Board includes pancreas surgeons, a gastrointestinal medical oncologist, pathologist, advanced endoscopist, radiologist and others. This group of highly experienced specialists gather to review and discuss the details of your medical history including any radiology results completed that morning. They work together as a team to develop treatment recommendations tailored to your specific medical needs.

Afternoon – You will meet with one or more members of the Tumor Board to review your test results and the specifics of the Board’s treatment recommendations. We help you set up your appointments with the specialists you will need for your continued care.

You leave the Pancreatic Tumor Center with: 

  • A detailed written care plan that is clear and easy to understand
  • Dates and times of upcoming tests, procedures and follow-up appointments
  • The comfort of knowing a summary packet of your tests results, other medical information and a copy of your treatment plan will be sent to your referring doctor and other providers
  • The knowledge that you are being cared for by some of the very best medical doctors and clinicians in the field of pancreatic medicine and research in the country

You have access to a number of services and medical staff at the Pancreas Tumor Center:

  • Gastrointestinal medical oncologist
  • Pancreas surgeons
  • Advanced endoscopist
  • Physician assistant, clinical coordinator
  • Social worker
  • Dietitian
  • Radiologist
  • Radiation oncology
  • Pathologists
  • Supportive cancer care (palliative care)