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Hip Pain

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Hip Pain

Pain in your hip can have a major impact on your ability to fully live your life. Hip pain doesn’t have to be something to get used to. If you’re experiencing hip pain, it’s important to talk to an orthopedic specialist to help treat it and prevent further injury.

University Health orthopedic experts specialize in treating hip pain with a range of options that work for you. We diagnose exactly what is causing your hip pain. Then, we help you develop a plan that might include physical therapy or specialized surgical treatments.

University Health orthopedic surgeons are highly skilled and specialize in hip conditions of all kinds.

Conditions that can cause hip pain

  • Osteoarthritis: Also known as the “wear and tear” arthritis, it affects weight-bearing joints like the hips.  
  • Hip fracture: Cracks or breaks in your hip bone can cause hip pain. They need treatment. Severely injured hip joints may need total hip replacement and recovery with rehabilitation.

  1. Animesh Agarwal, MD
    Animesh Agarwal, MD
    Orthopedic Surgery
  2. Ian Whitney, MD
    Ian Whitney, MD
    Orthopedic Surgery
  3. Steven Stuto, DPM
    Foot & Ankle Surgery