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Eligibility to Be Seen at FFACTS Clinic

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Call the HIV/AIDS clinic at 210-358-3710.

Eligibility to Be Seen at FFACTS Clinic

Eligibility and Requirements for the Ryan White Grant

To be seen at this clinic, patients must provide evidence of an HIV or AIDS diagnosis, proof of income and proof of residency. We walk you through the process of obtaining the necessary documents so you can start care and begin your personalized treatment plan.

The state requires proof of income, residency and positive diagnosis for patients to receive grant funding.

Preparing for Your Appointment

If you qualify, we encourage you to apply for Ryan White Grant funding to cover your medical costs. To help determine if you’re eligible before your visit to our clinic, a member of our registration team will review your documents to verify your income, proof of residency, proof of insurance (or lack of) or eligibility for CareLink.

We recommend that you fill out the following Ryan White Grant forms in advance.

  • Supporter statement
  • Declaration of income statement
  • Income verification form
  • Homeless eligibility form
  • Emergency eligibility intake form
  • Attestation form

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Please arrive for each appointment 15 minutes before your scheduled visit. A case manager will discuss available services and talk to you about your healthcare needs and help you schedule initial appointments. Ongoing appointments will be scheduled by a member of our nursing or registration team.

  1. Elizabeth Walter, MD
    Infectious Diseases
  2. Sunil Ahuja, MD
    Infectious Diseases
  3. Waridibo Allison, MD
    Infectious Diseases