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What to Expect at the ER

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What to Expect at the ER

Triage Upon Arrival

We want to help you get the care you need in the right place.

You’re triaged when you arrive in the emergency department on the ground level of University Hospital. This means we quickly guide you to the right place for care for your condition. We might guide you to any one of these areas:

  • Emergency department
  • FastTrack Clinic
  • Trauma
  • University Children's Health emergency area
  • Women’s Health for OB/GYN emergency care

Fast Track Clinic

FastTrack is like an urgent care clinic within our emergency department. It’s appropriate for minor injuries and illnesses such as a simple laceration, painful urination or a rash. You’re assessed and treated more quickly in the FastTrack clinic.

ExpressMed Clinic

We can help you decide if the emergency department is right for your needs. Or it may turn out one of our ExpressMed walk-in clinics is the best place for your condition. The most important thing is that you get the care you need. When in doubt, please come to the emergency department, and we’ll help determine your care needs.

  1. Alexander Arena, MD
    Emergency Medicine
  2. Allen Whitford, DO
    Emergency Medicine
  3. Shawn Varney, MD
    Shawn Varney, MD
    Emergency Medicine Toxicology