Our goal is to provide a comfortable prosthesis or orthosis based on patient goals and lifestyle. Advances in electronics, microchip technology, new materials, and socket designs has placed us on the cutting edge of technology, which leads us in using devices that are lightweight, contoured to fit the bone, muscle, vascular and nerve structures of each patient.

For prosthetics the socket is the most critical first component in all our lower and upper prosthetic designs. Without comfort, the individual will not meet his expectations for the goals set. Our lower extremity prosthetics includes partial foot, symes, below-knee, above-knee, hip disarticulation, knee disarticulations and hemi-pelvectomy. Our upper extremity care includes partial hand, hand, wrist disarticulation, below elbow, above elbow, and shoulder disarticulation amputees.

We fit orthotics that range from a simple shoe insert to knee braces, hip braces, body jackets (spine) to cervical (neck) braces. The best orthotics is custom-tailored devices specifically crafted to meet the needs of a particular individual but this does not eliminate the need and fitting of off the shelf style orthotics. No matter what the device, first and foremost we must comfortably fit it to the patient.