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Diabetes Classes

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Diabetes Classes

Discover how to make lifestyle changes and prevent diabetes complications by attending patient education classes at University Health in San Antonio. You’ll gain valuable skills to help you live well with diabetes.

Knowledgeable, Certified Diabetes Educators

Feel confident you will receive the best diabetes education and information because a certified diabetes educator will lead your classes. The American Diabetes Association recognizes our education program. That means our educators have specialized training to teach, coach and guide you to understand how diabetes affects your life.

Your certified diabetes educator at University Health understands the complexity of the disease and knows diabetes affects your whole body. Expect to learn the best ways to manage your diabetes and make positive changes to your lifestyle.

Diabetes Management Education

Find classes to fit your needs, including:

  • Diabetes & Pregnancy Education
  • Exercise Program
  • Self-Management Education

General Class Topics

Expect to learn information about:

  • Adopting healthy eating habits through nutrition education, including meal-planning, weight-loss strategies and other disease-specific nutrition counseling
  • Developing problem-solving strategies and skills to self-manage diabetes
  • Developing skills for handling stressful situations
  • Using diabetes devices, such as blood glucose meters, insulin pens, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors
  • How your medications work, including their action, side effects, the prescribed dosage and more
  • Monitoring blood glucose and learning how to interpret and respond to the results

Education Facilities

You’ll appreciate hands-on learning opportunities in our convenient, onsite teaching kitchen and fitness center.

Paying for Diabetes Education

Diabetes education is an essential part of diabetes care. Medicare and most health insurance plans cover education when you receive attend classes through an accredited diabetes education program, like University Health’s Texas Diabetes Institute.

Check with your health insurance company to verify coverage.

Health & Weight Management

Your educator will talk to you about nutrition, following a meal plan and portion control. When you practice carb control, you may lose weight. Exercise also can support weight loss.

Learn to cook healthy foods and make your favorite meals healthier by attending healthy cooking classes or watching our healthy recipes videos.

  1. Carolina Solis-Herrera, MD
  2. Devjit Tripathy, MD
  3. Jorge Velez Garza, MD