Heart and Vascular Clinical Trials

The Value of Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

If you suffer from a heart condition you may be able to help yourself and others with the same condition by participating in a clinical trial. These research studies explore if certain medical strategies, treatments or devices are effective. Clinical trials also may point to which medical approaches work best for certain groups or illnesses.

We are able to offer several cardiovascular clinical trials. We’ve matched hundreds of patients from all over South Texas to studies focused on bettering outcomes for their specific heart condition. We continually conduct research and clinical trials to find new and innovative ways to treat patients with cardiovascular disease. Our clinical trials and studies are designed to improve the following and so much more:

  • Heart rhythm device implantation
  • New treatments for cardiac rhythm problems
  • Minimally invasive valve procedures
  • New medical treatments for various heart conditions
  • New heart failure therapies
  • Management of conditions like metabolic syndrome and diabetes

University Health’s partnership with UT Health San Antonio gives you access to cutting-edge research and clinical trials aimed at improving treatments for numerous diseases that affect your cardiovascular system.

When people in our community volunteer to participate in clinical trials it helps us to better understand how certain treatments, medications, therapies and preventative health practices affect people. This ongoing research has a direct impact on our ability to deliver the latest and most effective treatments for our patients.

Many of our trials focus on various conditions and disorders that contribute to cardiovascular disease, including the heart, vascular and blood systems; nervous system; wounds and injuries; obesity; urinary tract and kidney problems; and diabetes among others.