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Breast Health Screening & Diagnosis

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Breast Health Screening & Diagnosis

Fast, Accurate Diagnosis for Your Breast Health Concerns

If you notice a change in your breast, you want answers fast. University Health aims to provide you with all routine imaging results before you leave. We are the only breast health program in the San Antonio area where you receive such responsive care.

Comprehensive Breast Imaging and Testing

Our services extend well beyond mammograms to include comprehensive testing and diagnostic services to identify and treat all types of breast conditions. To diagnose your breast issue, you may undergo:


Early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer. We offer several options for getting a mammogram:

  • Scheduling an appointment at one of our convenient locations
  • Mobile mammography through our healthyUexpress that can be sent to your place of business at no cost
  • Financial assistance to cover the cost of your screening mammogram for qualifying women

In our offices, you can receive the results of your mammogram while you wait. For mobile mammography, you’ll get results the same day or next business day.

Coordinated Breast Care for Smooth Communication

At University Health, you have just one electronic medical record. That means your breast test results flow seamlessly from the imaging center to your health care provider. There’s no need to hand-carry your test results to your doctor.