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Edward Sako, MD

UT Health San Antonio
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Cardiothoracic Surgery
Board Affiliation/Certification
American Board of Surgery
American Board of Thoracic Surgery
University of Minnesota Medical School-Minneapolis, 1982
University of Minnesota School of Medicine, 1990
University of Michigan Medical School, 1992

Medical Arts & Research Center

8300 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio,TX 78229

University Hospital

4502 Medical Drive
San Antonio,TX 78229
Insurance Accepted
6 Degrees - Transplant
90 Degree Benefits - Commercial
Aetna - PPO/EPO/HMO/MC Advantage
Aetna - Smart Care EPO
Aetna - Transplant
Aetna Better Health - Medicaid-CHIP
Aetna Better Health - Medicaid-STAR
AIG - Transplant
Amerigroup - Medicaid-CHIP
Amerigroup - Medicaid-CHIP Perinate
Amerigroup - Medicaid-STAR
Amerigroup - Medicaid-STAR Kids
Amerigroup - Medicaid-STAR PLUS
Amerigroup - Medicare Advantage
Amerigroup - Medicare-Medicaid Duals
Ancira Enterprises - Direct Employer
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Exchange (BlueAdvantage)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - HMO/PPO
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - HPN/EPO (Narrow Network)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Medicaid-STAR
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Medicare Advantage HMO
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Medicare Advantage PPO
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Narrow HMO (Blue Essentials)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Narrow HMO (Blue Premier)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Traditional
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas - Transplant Programs
Care Improvement Plus - Medicare Advantage-SNP
Cenpatico - Medicaid-CHIP
Cenpatico - Medicaid-STAR
Cenpatico - Medicaid-STAR Health (Foster Care)
Cenpatico - Medicare Advantage
Community First Health Plans - HMO/Exchange (EPO)
Community First Health Plans - Medicaid-CHIP
Community First Health Plans - Medicaid-CHIP Perinate
Community First Health Plans - Medicaid-STAR
Community First Health Plans - Medicaid-STAR Kids
Community First Health Plans - Medicare Advantage HMO
Coventry - HMO/PPO
Coventry - Work Comp / Auto
Decent Health Plan - Commercial EPO
Entrust - TPA
FirstCare (Part of Scott & White Health Plans) - Medicaid-STAR
Healthsmart - PPO
Humana - Commercial Behavioral Health
Humana - Exchange (HMOx)
Humana - HMO/PPO/Behavioral Health
Humana - Medicare Advantage Behavioral Health
Humana - Medicare Advantage HMO (Gold)
Humana - Medicare Advantage PPO
Humana - National Transplant Network
Humana Military - TRICARE
Imperial Health Plan - Medicare Advantage
Independent Medical Systems (IMS) - PPO
Interlink - Transplant
LifeTrac - Transplant
Magellan - Commercial and Medicaid Behavioral Health
Molina - Commercial Exchange
Molina - Medicaid-CHIP
Molina - Medicaid-CHIP Perinate
Molina - Medicaid-STAR
Molina - Medicare Advantage
Molina - Medicare-Medicaid Duals
OptumHealth - Transplant
Point Comfort Underwriters (PCU) - Refugee Medical Assistance
Point Comfort Underwriters (PCU) - Unaccompanied Children
Preferred Provider Health Plan (PPHP) - Medicare Advantage I-SNP
Prime Health Services - Medicare Advantage
Prime Health Services- PPO
ProCare Advantage - Medicare Advantage I-SNP
Scott & White Health Plan - HMO/PPO/Medicare Advantage
Superior HealthPlan - Medicaid-CHIP
Superior HealthPlan - Medicaid-CHIP Perinate
Superior HealthPlan - Medicaid-STAR
Superior HealthPlan - Medicaid-STAR Health (Foster Care)
Superior HealthPlan - Medicaid-STAR Kids
Superior HealthPlan - Medicaid-STAR PLUS
Superior HealthPlan - Medicare Advantage (Allwell)
Superior HealthPlan - Medicare-Medicaid Duals (Allwell)
Texas Independence Health Plan - Medicare Advantage I-SNP
Three Rivers Provider Network - PPO
TriWest (via BCBSTX) - VA CCN Program
UnitedHealthcare - Medicaid-STAR
UnitedHealthcare - Medicaid-STAR Kids
UnitedHealthcare - Medicaid-STAR PLUS
UnitedHealthcare - Medicare Advantage
UnitedHealthcare - PPO
University of Incarnate Word - Direct Employer
WellCare - Medicare Advantage
WellMed - Medicare Advantage
Please contact your health insurance company to confirm provider participation. For billing and insurance questions, please call our Billing Department at 210-358-3260.
I strive to provide the best possible patient care while simultaneously fulfilling the academic mission of education and the search for new knowledge.
When I’m not practicing medicine, I enjoy bicycling, traveling, spending time outdoors and photography. I also enjoy watching sports with family, including football, bicycle racing and Formula 1 races.
I completed medical school and my general surgery residency at the University of Minnesota. I also completed a thoracic surgery residency at the University of Michigan. I spent 30 years as faculty member in Cardiothoracic Surgery at UT Health San Antonio and at the South Texas Veterans Health Care System.

Journal Articles

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