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Areas of Need

Our Foundation is built on partnerships. Together, we are lifelines of support for our neighbors and our community. You can choose to give to our Primary Fund, which allows for the most flexibility to respond to needs or support a specific fund near and dear to your heart like children’s health, adult health, spiritual care, or educational programs.

The Women's & Children’s Tower will offer innovative medicine close to home and will be a place where comprehensive care is provided to strengthen the continuum of services between women, babies, and children. With spacious, private inpatient rooms to accommodate the immediate family, the new tower will also offer patient education resources for families to become informed and be partners in health and healing with their care team. This is a critical time for securing philanthropic investments for the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. We invite you to partner with us in our transformational campaign. Your support will make this possible – donate today!

Funding COVID-19 Relief Efforts

University Health is working tirelessly to combat COVID-19 which has upended our lives and severely impacted the health and financial stability of so many people in our community, nation and world. A special COVID-19 Relief fund has been created to support patient needs and healthcare workers on the frontlines of this pandemic. Your generous gift supports:

  • Extenuating medical costs
  • Patient and family support for food or lodging
  • Transportation assistance for patients
  • Employee Assistance
  • Purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Funding for relief efforts during this time is a lifeline of support as our essential healthcare team takes on the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic working on the frontlines to care for our patients and community in an unprecedented way.

Children’s Health Programs

Child Life Fund

Illness, hospitalization and painful medical treatments can be very frightening and confusing for a child. The Child Life department at University Hospital focuses on the emotional and developmental needs of children and their families. Donations support the purchase of supplies and equipment that provide relief and preparation for all types of procedures and tests. These items, such as coloring books, teddy bears, stickers, etc. help normalize a child’s day by encouraging play, offering social activities and supporting continued growth and development.

Injury Prevention Fund

As the lead organization of Safe Kids San Antonio, we are raising the bar in child safety throughout the community. Thanks to this fund, thousands of free car seats have been distributed to new parents and underserved families discharged from our Emergency Department after a motor vehicle accident along with instruction on how to safely install and use them. Your generosity enables doctors and nurses to visit schools and talk to children and teens about the consequences of distracted driving. It supports University Health's Viva Swim program through which free swim lessons are provided to thousands of children at area pools and it supports events and campaigns that promote community awareness, including bike and pedestrian safety and burn and heatstroke prevention.

Pediatric Heart Fund

We are proud to say that the University Children’s Health Heart Center is located at University Hospital is the region’s only such dedicated unit. Thanks to the expertise of our cardiothoracic surgeons and medical team the Pediatric Heart Center has the lowest mortality rate (1.9 percent) in Texas and it’s where families turn to for life-changing hope. Your gift to the Pediatric Heart Fund supports medical and nonmedical expenses for families whose children are diagnosed with congenital heart defects or heart disease, helping to minimize financial and emotional burdens. Funds also are used for department equipment, renovation needs and the continuing education of medical professionals to maintain the level of care families deserve.

Lifeline Story: Gilbert Hernandez III: He had his heart surgery at 2 days old. Hear from him now, 22 years later. — Read his story.

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fund

Donations to the University Children’s Health Pediatric Blood & Cancer Center is located at University Hospital helps with medical and nonmedical expenses for families to minimize financial and emotional burdens. This team, led by a group of world-renowned physicians, is dedicated to enhancing children’s quality of life through specialized treatments, research, innovation and compassion. The Pediatric Blood & Cancer Center is the only nationally recognized hemophilia treatment center in our region and one of only 11 sites in the nation that has partnered with the Pediatric Oncology Experimental Therapeutics Investigators’ Consortium (which promotes early clinical development of promising therapies for children and young adults with cancer and related disorders). Funds also are used for department equipment, renovation needs and the continuing education of medical professionals to maintain the level of care families deserve.

Lifeline Story: Drew Rice: How jumping on the trampoline threw his life in a completely new direction — Read his story.

Pediatric Trauma & Burn Fund

University Hospital is home to the highest level pediatric trauma center in South Texas at Level I, the only pediatric trauma center verified by the American College of Surgeons and the only pediatric burn program in our region. Contributions are integral in supporting the special needs of these pediatric patients — to help ease the difficulties throughout their recovery. Donations also provide for equipment, renovation needs, and continuing education of the medical professionals who serve our youngest patients.

Lifeline Story: Nicholas Vasquez: This brave boy didn't let a horrific car crash keep him down — Read his story.

Neonatal ICU Fund

Our Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is home to seriously ill infants requiring special care post-delivery. Backed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts, this special department offers moms and families innovative and comforting services to their babies. The fund also supports equipment, renovation needs and medical and profession continuing education so that we can continue to be at the forefront of neonatal care.

Adult Health Programs

Blair Reeves Rehabilitation Fund

University Hospital's Reeves Rehabilitation Center has been one of the region's leading providers of comprehensive rehabilitation services since 1994. Your gift provides for special patient needs such as prosthetics and orthotic shoes, department equipment and renovation needs, and for the continuing education of medical professionals.


This fund supports the FFACTS Clinic, an outpatient HIV clinic, available to all individuals with HIV/AIDS. It also provides primary to specialized medical care, nutritional services to medication assistance and everything in between. Your donation supports clinic equipment, renovation and staff continuing education.

Texas Diabetes Institute Fund

The Texas Diabetes Institute is one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive world-class diabetes centers addressing not just the disease, but also the life and lifestyle of the patient, the family and the community. Your financial support funds health education, treatment and research to prevent diabetes and its complications.

Think Pink Fund

The Think Pink Fund was created to provide financial assistance to women recovering from breast cancer. Funds help pay for incidental needs that are not covered by their insurance or provided by community programs like a wig, a hat, a prosthetic or a lymphedema sleeve. These simple items can have significant positive impact in a woman’s recovery from breast cancer treatments.

Transplant Endowment Fund

One of the most traumatic experiences a family can go through is a transplant. Aside from the medical issues, it greatly impacts daily life emotionally—and economically. This invaluable fund helps hundreds of University transplant patients, and their families, who have exceptional financial difficulties during the course of their treatment. Your generosity helps patients pay for basics such as gas, food, shelter, utilities, clothing, medications and transportation.

Lifeline Story: Kevin King: Breathing easier after a much-needed lung transplant — Read his story.

Transplant Center Fund

University Transplant Center at University Hospital, in partnership with the UT Health San Antonio, has been a pioneering force in organ transplantation since its inception in 1985. Donors contributing to this fund are making it possible for us to invest in the technology, resources, unit renovation and continuing education for our medical professionals that make ongoing kidney, liver and lung transplants possible.

Trauma Fund

This fund provides a lifeline to South Texas’ leading Level l Trauma Center and our Emergency Department located at University Hospital. In 2013, an average of 70,000 patients were treated and 4,340 were admitted due to their serious injuries. Your donation advances our mission of advancing trauma care that saves lives in our community and region by supporting the special needs of patients, investing and maintaining equipment and technology and providing continuing education for medical professionals.

Spiritual Care Programs

Center for Caring Fund

You can help support spiritual, emotional and professional growth for our staff through the Center for Caring. The program equips staff with tools to cope with the emotional side of providing excellent patient care.

Peveto Center for Pastoral Care Fund

This fund provides a lifeline to peace by supporting the spiritual programming of the Peveto Center for Pastoral Care, a nondenominational spiritual center for patients, families and medical staff located near the main lobby of University Hospital. Countless people visit this tranquil space daily to find peace, comfort, hope and healing during life's most difficult times. Daily services, volunteer chaplains, Bible study- oftentimes these prove to be effective medicine, too.

Educational Programs

Nursing Scholarship Fund

University Health is the first health system in San Antonio and South Texas to earn Magnet status from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. It is an elite group – just 6 percent of the nation’s hospitals have earned this designation. This scholarship program supports an effort to increase the number of degreed nurses and provides scholarships for current employees to receive their nursing degree in exchange for a commitment of service to University Health. This assures that University Hospital —your community hospital — trains and retains the best of the best for our exemplary nursing staff.

Our Sons & Daughters Family Scholarship Fund

Keeping our exceptional employees happy takes us one step closer to keeping them at University Hospital. This fund is a well-deserved employee benefit for University Health staff and provides a one-time scholarship to the dependent children of University employees who are pursuing a post-secondary or technical degree.