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The Region’s Level I Trauma Centers

Vehicle crashes. Falls. Burns. Serious sports injuries. Traumatic injuries and illnesses can occur at any time no matter your age, race, gender or your plans for tomorrow. Trauma threatens lives, families and entire communities just like ours.

Trauma requires more than just immediate attention, it takes extraordinary care. South Texas’ most skilled trauma team cares for our community’s most critically injured at University Hospital. It’s where you’ll find a premier Level I Trauma Center for adult care and the only Level I Pediatric Trauma Center in South Texas.

Save a Life – Stop the Bleed

Because we never know when a trauma will strike, we want to give our patients every opportunity to have the best chance at survival and a full recovery. Someone bleeding from a life-threatening event can die from blood loss within five minutes. The actions of those nearby can make all the difference immediately following a major injury.

As part of a national campaign, University Health offers free Stop the Bleed classes so you’ll know how to help keep someone alive before EMS arrives on the scene. The classes are specifically designed for people with no medical training. 

Committed to Injury Care & Injury Prevention

As the leading cause of death in Americans under 44, a life-threatening injury occurs every four seconds* in the U.S. At University Hospital, our mission is to treat serious injury in our facilities and prevent injury in our community. Our physicians, surgeons and nurses are in-house all day, every day, saving the lives of our friends and neighbors across the 22-county region.

*Source: American Trauma Society, National Trauma Institute


As the busiest Level I Trauma Center in South Texas, we are proud to be pioneers at the forefront of trauma care. Our experts work together quickly and confidently on a treatment plan for each patient in our care. In partnership with UT Health San Antonio, the trauma experts at University include:

  • Surgeons 
  • Residents
  • Neurosurgeons 
  • Fellows
  • Orthopedic surgeons 
  • Trauma-trained nurses
  • Anesthesiologists 
  • Physician assistants
  • Radiologists 
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Technicians

We follow the standard-of-care guidelines that apply to trauma. Our team also conducts groundbreaking trauma research that leads to even greater advances and newer, better standards in South Texas.


Technology University Hospital’s state-of-the-art Sky Tower includes a dedicated trauma care floor, as well as dedicated trauma care areas, including:

Our physicians are in-house around the clock and equipped with the most advanced technology to quickly diagnose and treat complex, life-threatening injuries.


The trauma team at University Hospital delivers the most advanced care in South Texas. Our staff, our technology and our facilities are routinely evaluated by the American College of Surgeons to confirm the exceptional level of care we provide. As a result, we have been recognized as the only organization in South Texas to merit several key designations.

University Health has received a number of awards and designations in addition to those listed.


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