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Pediatric Trauma & Burn Center: Unmatched in South Texas

Burn Prevention

Educational Tips to Avoid Burn Injuries

University Health System is committed to providing education about the leading causes of trauma, such as pediatric burns. We want to serve our community and help to prevent as many burn injuries to children as possible.

Burn Prevention is Everyone’s Job

Burns can result from even routine activities. Your children could be exposed to these risks on any given day at home or a friend’s home:

  • Scalding from hot liquids, such as bath water, soup, coffee or from steam
  • Contact with fire or hot objects, such as BBQ grills and stove tops
  • Chemical burns from cleaners, bleach, batteries, etc.
  • Electrical burns from appliance cords or outlets
  • Outdoor burns caused by the sun or hot metal they come in contact with

Tips for Preventing Burns in Children

All caregivers should be familiar with these tips to help prevent kids from being burned.

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