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Pediatric Diabetes, Growth & Hormones

Resources for Families

COVID-19 Vaccine and Endocrine Disorders

Patient Resources

Pediatric Endocrine Society
Pediatric Endocrine Society - Patient Education


Disney website 
Free BD Diabetes Care app 
Video: How to improve child’s comfort
Video: Diabetes supplies
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
14th Edition A First Book for Diabetes, a Companion Book to Understanding Diabetes
Video: What is Type 1 diabetes
Video: What is insulin and what are the two types

Diet and Exercise

Video: Diet in Type 1 diabetes
Video: Activity and blood sugars
Diet info and tips from families living with Type 1 and experts, carb-friendly recipes
Culinary health education
for families offers hands on classes on teaching kitchens throughout San Antonio
USDA My Plate provides resources on healthy eating for families
San Antonio Food Bank offers health and wellness programs plus other resources for families in need
Resources for families from the American Academy of Pediatrics
Obesity Action offers resources to help people who are obese

Any Baby Can fitness classes for kids with special needs 

Kinetic Kids sports programs for youth with special needs 

Health Me Healthy We free online and in-person exercise classes 

Go Noodle online program family exercise ideas
Exrx online exercise library
Online Physical Education Network (OPEN) ideas for P.E. exercises at home 

Checking Blood Sugar

Video: How to check blood sugars
Video: What a good blood sugar number is

Insulin Pens

Video: How to Use an Insulin Pen - Mayo Clinic

Insulin Syringe

Living With Diabetes - Successful Injection

Video: How to Give an Insulin Injection

Storage of Insulin

Low Blood Sugar

Glucagon Emergency Shot for Dangerously Low Blood Sugar

Video: How to Use a Glucagon Emergency Kit
Severe Low Blood Sugar Treatment - Glucagon


Camp CAMP Special needs camps 

Texas Lions Camp for children with physical disabilities or diabetes 

YMCA Camps throughout the year, including sports camps 

San Antonio Parks and Recreation exercise & recreation camp 

Eva’s Heroes (ages 14-21) day activities for kids with special needs 

Camp Independence for youth with diabetes 

Camp Sweeney for kids with Type 1 diabetes

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