Kristen – Cardiology Patient

kplastinoOn her way home from Cole's baseball game, Dr. Kristen Plastino, OB/GYN, UT Health San Antonio, began to feel a terrible crushing pain in her chest. As the pain got worse and began radiating to her jaw, Kristen knew she was having a heart attack.

Her husband rushed her to University Hospital’s Emergency Center where tests revealed she was having a massive heart attack with only 20 minutes left to live.

Fortunately for Kristen, University Hospital staffs a physician-led cardiology team around the clock.

"I knew they would take care of me when I got here. From the guy at the front desk to the Emergency Center team at the Cath Lab, they were all there waiting," Kristen said. "That’s the difference between an academic medical center and a regular community hospital."

After multiple procedures in the cardiac Cath Lab and rehab at University Hospital's Reeves Rehabilitation Center, Kristen is recovering. She is feeling great and treasuring every moment she has with her family.