For Visitors

Amenities for Visiting Families & Friends

The support of family and friends has a profound effect on the healing process. We encourage you to visit your loved one during their stay at University Hospital. You can provide comfort throughout their experience and help speed up the healing process.

While you’re here, we offer a number of amenities for families and friends visiting patients throughout University Hospital.

Contact a Patient

If you need to locate a patient at University Hospital, please visit our Information Desk, located in the main entrance lobby.

From Outside the Hospital

Please call the Information Desk at 210-358-4000 for assistance.

Book Hotel Accommodations

Search hotels located near the UT Health San Antonio and University Hospital. Check availability, discounts and even make reservations online.

Access Free Wireless Internet

We offer free Wi-Fi access for both our patients and visitors. To access our wireless network, simply join the “attwifi” network in your Wi-Fi settings. A “welcome” webpage will open. Agree to the Terms of Service, and you will have access to our free Wi-Fi network.

For connectivity issues, please contact the AT&T Help Desk at 877-929-7678.

Purchase Food for Patients

We strongly recommend you do not bring or buy food for patients staying at University Hospital. Unless otherwise instructed, our patients are asked to eat only what their doctors have ordered as part of their recovery plan. If a patient eats foods outside of doctor’s orders, delays in scheduled procedures or tests can occur.

Send Mail, Flowers or Gifts

University Hospital volunteers deliver mail and flowers each day.

If you would like to send flowers or gifts to a patient, please check with a nurse first. In order to ensure gifts are delivered directly to the patient, give the florist or vendor the following for delivery:

  • Patient’s full name
  • Patient’s room number
  • Patient’s phone number

Find Out About Visiting Hours & Waiting Areas

Please check with a nurse on the unit where your loved one is staying to find out about authorized waiting areas for visitors. We do not have strict visiting hours. We encourage family and friends to visit a loved one at any time. Your presence helps a patient’s recovery.

Parking at University Hospital

For parking information, please visit patient and visitor parking.