Pharmacy Services


Who Is Eligible?

All active CareLink members who are seen by providers in contracted CareLink clinics are eligible to participate in the Prescription Benefits Program. Copays of prescriptions are dependent upon members’ income levels and are determined at the time of enrollment.

Where Can Prescriptions Be Filled?

CareLink members seen at University Health locations may fill prescriptions at any University Health pharmacy. CareLink members seeing primary care providers at other locations (outside of University Health) may be directed to other, specified pharmacies for assistance. CareLink can provide more information about where to fill your prescriptions. Download the Prescription Mail Out Request Form.

What Drugs Are Available?

University Health and CareLink utilize a formulary of drugs. Since some medications are only subsidized (covered) by CareLink if certain conditions are met and some are only available through Medication Assistance Programs (MAP), it is difficult to create a simple, all-inclusive list for members. An abbreviated list of medications covered at University Health pharmacies is available.

What If a Medication Is Not Covered by CareLink?

Unfortunately, CareLink cannot cover all medications. Medications that are not subsidized can be purchased at full price if stocked at University Health pharmacies or they can be obtained through retail pharmacies at the members’ expense. Providers can also submit non-subsidized formulary requests if a non-formulary medication is needed. The Medication Assistance Program (MAP) may also be able to help.

What Is the Medication Assistance Program (MAP)?

The MAP is available to assist members in obtaining medications through pharmaceutical manufacturer programs. Most pharmaceutical manufacturers provide medications to individuals with little or no prescription drug coverage at no charge. Each pharmaceutical manufacturer has different criteria for eligibility, but many CareLink members will qualify. Although some medications are not covered by CareLink, many are made available through the MAP. The MAP staff will prepare all applications and send to CareLink providers for signatures. The University Health pharmacies can help members determine if drugs are covered or are only available through the MAP. Some medications may take up to four to six weeks from the time the MAP staff order the drugs and the day they are received from the pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Subsidized Medications

Download an abbreviated list of medications covered at University Health pharmacies. The formulary continually changes to reflect the most recent advances in drug therapy. Therefore, this list is not all-inclusive and does not guarantee coverage by CareLink.

Please note that many additional medications are available when certain restrictions are met and/or when obtained through the Medication Assistance Program (MAP).

Medication Assistance Program

Download an abbreviated list of medications available through the Medication Assistance Program (MAP).

Please note that this is an abbreviated list of available medications.