Additional Support

CareLink provides our community and members with opportunities to participate in additional educational events and programs. Whether you want to enroll in CareLink, understand the Marketplace (Obamacare), or understand your private insurance, we have three education classes to help you and your family.

Patient Portal makes it easy for you to make an appointment and pay your CareLink bill online. Patients can manage their health records, view lab results, and more. For more information, call 210-358-4045.

Blood Donor Services

University Health System is the leading civilian trauma center in Bexar County. As a Level I Trauma Center capable of providing care for the most seriously injured patients, the hospital is always in need of a supply of blood. Whenever you donate blood with University Health System, or any of your relatives or friends donate blood in your name, we will take $25 off what you owe CareLink for each donation. For more information, please call 210-358-2812. Every time one donor gives blood, they are able to help University Health System save three lives. Schedule an appointment to help us save lives!

UPS Utitlites Affordability Programs

CareLink partners with CPS energy and SAWS to help you save money on your utility bill.

  • Case Verde – Energy saving tips that can help you save money on your energy bill.
  • Senior Citizen Late Payment Waiver- If you are a senior, then you may qualify for a late payment waiver.
Community Involvement

CareLink representatives are available for health fairs, presentations, or trainings. For more information, call 210-358-3371.