What is CareLink?

CareLink COVID-19 Update

The CareLink offices are currently closed to in-person visits. Please call 210-358-3350 if you have any questions regarding your account or call 210-358-3353 to make a payment. New CareLink patients can still be enrolled at this time. Please call 210-358-3350 or email CareLink@uhs-sa.com to inquire about membership.

CareLink is a financial assistance program open to San Antonio or Bexar County residents who do not have private or public health insurance. CareLink is not an insurance plan.

Based on several factors, like the number of people in your family and your total income, you may qualify to be a member of CareLink. You will be assigned your own primary care physician and have access to quality healthcare at University Health System.

CareLink requires appointments for enrolling or renewing your membership. To schedule your appointment, fill out this online form, call us at 210-358-3350, email us at CareLink@uhs-sa.com.

  • CareLink is only for Bexar County residents who do not have private or public health insurance.
  • CareLink offers families a monthly payment plan based on Federal Poverty Guidelines for family size and income.
  • CareLink offers free appointments to get screened for any type of health coverage.
  • CareLink offers free workshops to educate you on health coverage.

How to Enroll in CareLink

Bexar County residents interested in applying for or renewing their membership are encouraged to schedule an appointment. You can request an appointment by filling out this online form, calling 210-358-3350 or emailing CareLink@uhs-sa.com.

Before your appointment, make sure to have the following documents:


You are required to provide at least one of the following identification documents for each household member applying for CareLink.

  • Driver’s license
  • State identification card
  • Resident alien card
  • Birth certificate (for children only)
  • U.S. immigration card
  • U.S. naturalization, citizenship or other approved federal documents
  • Passport


You are required to provide proof of Bexar County residency for the last 12 months with at least one document containing your full name and home address. Examples include:

  • Household bill (electric or water)
  • Lease agreement
  • Medicaid/Medicare/CHIP letter
  • Attorney General letter
  • Food stamp letter


You will need to provide proof of ALL family income for the past 30 days. Some examples include:

  • Check stubs showing name, date, employer and gross earnings
  • Wage verification form signed by employer
  • Document verifying sponsor, who must offer his/her source of income, telephone number and address
  • Proof of retirement income
  • Copies of documents or checks from federal/state agencies
  • Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) notice of benefits
  • Social Security disability award letter
  • Income Tax Return (complete form)
  • Attorney General letter

What to Expect After Enrollment

CareLink Member ID cardOnce you are enrolled, you will receive a Member ID Card. Please bring this card with you to all medical appointments. The card will have the following information:

  • Medical Record Number (MRN)
  • Member’s Information (name, date of birth, and gender)
  • Name of Primary Care Provider (PCP)
  • Copayment amounts (Pharmacy, Emergency Center, and ExpressMed Clinics)
  • Effective and termination dates
  • Telephone numbers to contact the Member Services department and NurseLink

Download Forms

Blood Donor Discounts

Save $25 off your CareLink balance by donating blood.

Every time someone donates blood in your name, we will take another $25 off your balance*.

As a Level 1 Trauma Center, University Hospital is always challenged with maintaining an adequate blood supply for our most critically injured patients.

On any given day, the blood bank issues a unit of blood or a blood component about every 10 minutes.

Additional incentive items are available each time you donate. Learn more about the blood donor process.

For more information call 210-358-2812.

*Whole blood donations can be made every eight (8) weeks and platelet donations every 4 weeks by either you, friends or relatives.