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Frequently Asked Questions

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For more information about CareLink, call 210-358-3350. Enroll or renew your CareLink membership below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our patients’ most frequently asked questions about CareLink enrollment, payments, and health care services. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, call CareLink Member Services at 210-358-3350.

How long do I have to be a Bexar County resident to qualify for CareLink?

New applicants must provide proof of residency in Bexar County for the past 12 months. To renew your CareLink membership, you must provide proof of residency within the last 30 days.

What if I do not qualify for CareLink?

You may be able to qualify for assistance with your health care needs by contacting the following programs:

Can I add an adult child to my CareLink account?

You can add your adult children to your CareLink account until they turn 26 years old, but they must be enrolled in school and you must claim your child as a dependent when you file your taxes. You must provide proof of residency and a valid form of identification for the adult child.

How long does a CareLink interview take?

Currently, CareLink interview appointments are completed by phone. CareLink interviews for new members take 30-60 minutes. CareLink renewal interviews take about 30 minutes.

What if I don't have a valid ID card?

If you don’t have an ID card or cannot update your ID due to financial limitations, we can provide resources to help you. Call CareLink Member Services at 210-358-3350 for more information.

If my spouse and I are now separated, how does that affect our CareLink account?

If you are separated from your spouse and want to convert to an individual CareLink account, you must provide proof of residency for you and your spouse verifying that you reside at different addresses. If you are divorced and want to convert to an individual CareLink account, you must provide a copy of your divorce decree.

Will I receive a reminder call of my CareLink appointment?

Yes. You will receive an automated reminder call 48 hours before your CareLink appointment. In some instances, you may receive a call from a Member Services representative to remind you of your appointment.

What is maximum liability?

Maximum liability is the most your balance will reach in each billing cycle while you are enrolled in the CareLink program.

What is a monthly obligation?

A monthly obligation is the amount you are responsible for paying each month when you have a balance on your account. You will receive a statement each month with the amount you need to pay. Your payment is due upon receipt of your statement.

How is my monthly obligation and maximum family liability calculated?

Your family size and total monthly household income will be used to determine your monthly payment and maximum family liability.

Can I renew my CareLink contract if I have a balance?

To renew your CareLink contract, you may be required to pay any past due amount. At the time of renewal, your current financial situation will be taken into consideration. If your account is in collections, you may make payment arrangements with the collection agency.

Online Enrollment
How do I use the CareLink online portal?

Visit, click on “Enroll or renew your membership.” After you click on the link, the system you take you to our application portal where you will complete each question and upload required documents. If you are married and/or have dependents, you must include information about your spouse and dependents. For more information, please refer to “Spouse and Dependents.”

The online portal is not accepting my documents. What should I do?

If you have technical issues and are unable to upload documents, we recommend using the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome.

If this does not solve the problem, visit a CareLink location and submit the documents in-person.

Here are additional questions but are also covered in the video.

How do I upload my documents to the portal?

You can take a picture of your documents and upload them through the portal. Make sure that the picture is clear and that you get the entire document in the shot.

What are some tips on how to upload documents?

As part of the application process, you must provide proper documentation for consideration.

Use these tips when uploading documents:

  • Use your phone or scanner to take a picture of each document. Please make sure the picture is clear and the entire document is readable.
  • Files must be in PDF or JPEG format.
  • If you’re able to access your bill online, download the bill to your phone or computer and submit through our portal. Depending on the device you’re using, you may have to download the file to find your bill.
  • Complete all three sections of your application. Click the link in each category and upload the proper document.
    • ID
    • Proof of Residency
    • Proof of Income
  • Our online application is compatible with most browsers. If you have technical issues when uploading documents, please be sure your browser is up-to-date. If the issue persists, visit a CareLink location to submit the documents in-person.
I don’t get paper copies of my bills. How should I send those through the portal?

If you’re able to access your bill online, you can download the bill onto your device and upload it through our portal. Depending on the device you’re using you may have to go into your “Downloads” file or your photo gallery to find your bill.

Where do I upload the documents when I get to the portal?

There are three sections for you to upload your documents: One for your ID, one for your Proof of Residency and one for you Proof of Income. Click on the link in each category and you will be prompted to upload your document.

What information do you need for my family?

We require IDs for each adult in the household that will be included on the account as well as dependent information such as Medicaid or CHIP ID cards or birth certificates. These can be uploaded through the ID section. We will also require your spouse or dependent’s income information.

Payments and Billing
How will I be charged for health care services?

Charges will be added to your CareLink account. There is no premium. You will be billed on a monthly basis based on your total household income and family size.

What if I don't have any income and I am in the process of applying for disability?

If you are applying for disability, provide CareLink with the updated paperwork to show your disability case is processing. It is your responsibility to pay your monthly CareLink obligation.

When is my CareLink payment due?

Your payment is due upon receipt of your monthly statement. CareLink members with automatic payment withdrawals from their bank account will have their payment withdrawn on the day selected at the time of enrollment.

What amount do I pay if my balance is less than my monthly obligation?

You will pay only the balance on your account.

If I do not receive my CareLink billing statement, do I have to make my monthly payment?

Yes. If you have a balance, regardless of whether your contract is expired or if you do not receive a billing statement in the mail, you are responsible for making your monthly payment on time. If you have an unpaid balance, you may not be able to re-enroll. If your address has changed, you will need to present proof of your new address. You cannot update your address by phone.

If I don’t see a doctor this month, do I still need to make a payment?

If you have a balance on your CareLink account, you are responsible for paying your monthly obligation.

Do I have to make a payment if I do not have a balance on my account?


What happens if I stop making CareLink payments?

If you have a balance on your CareLink account and stop making payments, you risk losing your CareLink benefits and your account being sent to a collection agency.

Will I still need to pay my bill if I am enrolled in Automatic Check Withdrawal through CareLink?

Once you have been set up with Automatic Check Withdrawal, your monthly payment will be withdrawn from your checking account automatically. You will continue to receive a monthly bill to inform you about your account activity. For more information about Automatic Check Withdrawal, call Member Services at 210-358-3350.

Why do I still have to pay my balance if I don’t have CareLink anymore?

You must make payments on your CareLink account balance until it is paid in full. Failure to make payments may result in your account being sent to a collection agency. For members who have an Automatic Payment Withdrawal plan, payments will continue to be withdrawn from your bank account until the balance is paid in full.

CareLink and Health Services
Can I use CareLink services at any hospital?

No. CareLink only covers services from University Health and University Health providers. CareLink members must use University Hospital if they need hospital care.

Can I use CareLink when I travel?

CareLink is not health insurance and cannot be used outside Bexar County or outside of University Health.

Once I’m enrolled in CareLink, where do I find a doctor?

During enrollment, CareLink members will select a primary care physician (PCP) from a list of available providers. We will assist new members with making their first appointment. Your doctor’s name and phone number will be listed on your CareLink identification card.

Can I receive medical services if I reach my maximum liability?