Writing Style

When writing for University Health audiences — staff members, physicians or the general public — be friendly and accessible. Use active voice and strong action verbs to hold the reader’s attention.

We encourage our writers to be concise. Short declarative sentences are better than complex ones. Many readers are skimming material, rather than reading long blocks of text, so tight writing is critical. Avoid using abbreviations, jargon and acronyms. University Health copy should be understandable to all.

Be authoritative. Cite your sources, hyperlink to research studies and quote our University Health experts. As an academic medical center, we should be a trusted resource. Use simple language to explain complex concepts. Start with high-level concepts, and then dig deeper into context and research.

The acronym UHS is not permitted for external audiences. "University Health System” and “the Health System” are no longer appropriate references in correspondence or on business forms.

For more writing tips, please visit our Editorial Style Guide.