Managing the Brand

Electronic Files

Our logos are available in three kinds of electronic file formats:

Screen viewing: These files are low-resolution electronic formats designed for viewing on computer screens. The most common types are JPEG and PNG. Because they are lower resolution, JPEGs and PNGs are smaller files. They are often imported into Microsoft PowerPoint and Word documents. When JPEG and PNG files print on desktop printers, color is often inaccurate and edges appear jagged/pixelated. Never send JPEG logo files to be professionally printed.

Professional printing: These files are high-resolution electronic formats designed for professional presses. The most common type is called an EPS, which should contain vector artwork. When printed, vector files maintain accurate color and sharp detail. Always be sure to

Brand Governance

All materials that bear the University Health logo require final approval Corporate Communications & Marketing. Proofreading requests should be sent to

All marketing communication directed to external or internal audiences under the University Health brand must follow these standards illustrated in this manual which has been approved and endorsed by the President/CEO of University Health.

“Marketing communication” includes all advertising, promotional brochures, flyers or postcards, publicity, newsletters, videos, websites, displays in public areas, and any use of the University Health name. Additional information on communication requirements and brand standards may be found elsewhere in this document. For assistance and requests, please contact Corporate Communications & Marketing at 210-358-2335.

Vendor Responsibilities

When a vendor is asked to provide University Health with any marketing, media, or promotional products, they must adhere to the guidelines of this manual.

Maintaining the standards illustrated in this manual will assist us in protecting the integrity of our branding program. Please call Corporate Communications & Marketing with any questions at 210-358-2335.

Asset Management

When a project has been completed, vendors are required to provide University Health with all the assets used to create the product. This includes source files, including InDesign files (.indd), original layered Photoshop files (.psd), Illustrator files (.eps or .ai), graphics and fonts. A press-ready and print-ready PDF of all printed collateral is also required.