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Logo Usage

Logo Usage

Correct Usage

“Clear area” for placing logo in layouts is the height of the “U”. No additional design elements or typography should breach this space.


Logo can be reversed out of PMS 288 Blue.

Logo can be reversed out of PMS 7467 Teal if PMS 288 Blue is not the best option. Logo can also be reversed out on dark photographs.

Logo can be shown as black if PMS 288 Blue is not an option.


Incorrect Usage

Relative positioning: Logo elements should never be split apart and repositioned.

Distortion: The logo should never be distorted, stretched, skewed or rotated.

Font: The logotype should never be changed.

Color: The logo color should never be changed. Use only the PMS 288 bluie, black (when color ink is not an option) or white/reversed on dark background.

Star: Photos/artwork should never be placed inside the star.

Background: The logo should never be placed over a background that is distracting, overpowering or has insufficient color contrast.



Our tagline, Thinking Beyond, reinforces our positioning in the market place, which works to shift people’s perception of us by focusing on who we are today. It should be the only tagline associated with our brand. No other tagline may be applied without Corporate Communications’ approval.

The tagline should be used in conjunction with the logo whenever possible. Tagline modifiers, such as “challenges”, are used to emphasize subject matter in each communication. Use of a modifier requires prior approval from Corporate Communications & Marketing. Thinking Beyond may also be used without a modifier.

Color: PMS 288 blue, PMS 7467 teal or reversed. Size: 60% of logotype.