Masterbrand Logo

Our logo (star and name together) is always the best way to identify our brand. In rare cases, when using a full logo is impractical, the symbol may appear separated from the name. If using the star alone, the context must clearly communicate the complete identity of University Health. Use of the star alone must be approved by Corporate Communications & Marketing.

The logo must be used in accordance with the design standards for all visual materials. The consistency of this style will increase the public awareness of University Health’s services and protect our identity. Though it does not cover every possible design situation, adherence is mandatory. For more information about our tagline, correct usage and incorrect usage of the logo, please refer to logo usage.

Official University Health logos have been developed by Corporate Communications & Marketing and cannot be modified in any way. Use logos from authorized files only.

Download masterbrand logos.

Horizontal (Preferred Format)

University Health logo

Vertical (Alternative Format)


Only use when space restraints warrants use.

One Line Format


Should only be used when space does not allow for horizontal or vertical formats. Use of this logo format must be approved by Corporate Communications & Marketing.