Frequently Asked Questions

Why adopt a masterbrand strategy?

Using a single brand or masterbrand approach helps unify an organization in the minds of consumers and stakeholders, building brand equity, loyalty and advocacy. It has long been used by major consumer products companies, and many other healthcare organizations have adopted this strategy in recent years. Consumer research has confirmed the strength and power of the University Health System brand, and this strategy leverages this recognition.

What does this mean for my department’s logo?

Custom logos for all centers, institutes, service lines, departments and initiatives with clinical services associated with their name (referred to as sub-brands) will no longer be used.

For all external-facing communications, we recommend using the University Health System masterbrand logo without a sub-brand designation. This includes, but is not limited to brochures, flyers, giveaways, annual reports, newsletters, banners, videos, etc. Any communication piece going to an external audience - whether a referring physician, donor, consumer, or patient – should be utilizing the masterbrand logo.

How will my audience know the communication is coming from my department?

A descriptive identifier (i.e. Heart and Vascular Services) should be used in headlines, written in copy or featured elsewhere in the document. They should not be incorporated into the logo for external communications.

For example, a publication sent out from a department would use the University Health System logo and can use language such as “a publication of the Heart and Vascular Services” in the masthead, but not next to the logo.

Can I have a tagline for my department?

The hospital’s official tagline is “Thinking beyond.” No other taglines are approved.

What about my website?

If your department has a consumer-facing website, we recommend moving the content to the University Health System website and redirecting the domain to The digital marketing team would be happy to assist.

Can I keep my department’s social media accounts?

We recommend using the existing Corporate Communications resources for disseminating information about your department/service line to the public in a social setting.