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University Health

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture

We Are One Brand and We Are Stronger Together

We utilize a masterbrand strategy that makes the parent name University Health System dominant. This monolithic approach connects and unifies entities and services across the organization, raising our value beyond the sum of its parts and helps us build long-term brand recognition more efficiently.In the minds of consumers and employees alike, our brand architecture has the potential to:
  • Build awareness
  • Communicate our market position
  • Establish an expectation of consistent quality and experience
  • Reinforce loyalty
  • Create a sense of belonging
  • Serve as a valued business asset

It also protects against confusing consumers with a fractioned experience of individual identities that water-down or overshadow the masterbrand. No entity within University Health System is allowed to have their own logo or visual identity.

Building the University Health System brand benefits the entire organization. A ‘halo effect’ across all entities of our Health System allows each service line to benefit from the strong brand equity created with consumers and stakeholders in the marketplace. The result is a strong brand that draws people in to connect brand messaging and help build awareness, preference and loyalty for the entire system and all of its components.

Logo Hieriarchy


Brand Extensions

Effective Masterbrand Communications

2019 NICU calendarThe University Health System masterbrand logo should be used for all external-facing communications. This includes, but is not limited to brochures, flyers, giveaways, publications, websites, displays, videos, etc. The use of custom logos for centers, service lines, departments and initiatives with clinical services associated with their name (referred to as sub-brands) is not permitted.

A descriptive identifier (i.e. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) should be used in headlines, written in copy or featured elsewhere in the document. They should not be incorporated into the logo for external communications.