Institute for Trauma-Informed Care

About Us

In October 2019, the City of San Antonio selected University Health System as the official entity to deliver trauma-informed training and technical assistance for the Trauma-Informed San Antonio project.

Through a collaboration with the City of San Antonio in January of 2020, the Institute for Trauma-Informed Care was created. The Institute will provide an array of training, technical assistance, and coaching opportunities to agencies and organizations choosing to become certified in Trauma-Informed Care. The Institute’s efforts will be tailored to the culture and demographics of San Antonio and will also support interested organizations in completing all levels of San Antonio’s trauma-informed certification process.

Our Mission

Trauma-Informed San Antonio will create and establish a safe and resilient environment for everyone in South Texas through educating the community on the importance of being trauma-informed, describing what it means to be trauma-informed, and recognizing organizations and agencies that are trauma-informed in the county and the state.

The integration of trauma-informed practices is not something that will be mastered overnight. It takes great dedication and understanding to learn how to view and interact with people suffering from traumatic experiences. With the right tools, we will learn and grow as a community to become experts in Trauma-Informed Care practices.

We look forward to working with you on your journey to becoming a trauma-informed organization.

Our Partners

San Antonio Metropolitan Health District
The Ecumenical Center for Education Counseling Health