South Texas Trauma Informed Care Consortium

South Texas Trauma Informed Care Consortium 

The South Texas Trauma-Informed Care Consortium is a collaboration between the Children’s Shelter, Voices for Children, and the City of San Antonio Metro Health Department. Its members comprise a wide array of community organizations committed to addressing the impact of trauma.

Members participate in 12 cross-sector workgroups that represent:

  • K–12 education
  • Child care
  • Child welfare
  • Mental/behavioral health
  • Medical/hospital sector
  • Justice systems
  • Local government
  • Philanthropy
  • Youth development/afterschool programs
  • Faith-based congregations
  • Family support services, and higher education

The Consortium serves as an advisory body for the Trauma-Informed San Antonio project.

Trauma-Informed San Antonio Organizational Structure

Trauma Informed Care Organizational Structure