About Us

In October 2019, the City of San Antonio selected University Health System to deliver trauma-informed training and technical assistance. Together, the City of San Antonio and University Health formed the Institute for Trauma-Informed Care as a mechanism to offer the training and technical assistance arm of the Trauma-Informed San Antonio project. The Institute will provide an array of training, technical assistance, and coaching opportunities tailored to the culture and demographics of San Antonio. It will also support interested organizations in completing all levels of San Antonio’s trauma-informed certification process.

Our Mission

Trauma-Informed San Antonio will educate the community on the importance of being trauma-informed, describe what it means to be trauma-informed, and recognize organizations and agencies that are trauma-informed in the county and the state.

The Ecumenical Center (Certifying Entity)

The Ecumenical Center is the Certifying Entity for the Trauma-Informed San Antonio project. It is responsible for leading the community in developing and adopting three tiers of culturally and demographically relevant trauma-informed certification standards. It also creates and implements a community-wide process for organizations and systems to achieve certification.

Learn more about the Ecumenical Center training certification.

South Texas Trauma Informed Care Consortium 

The South Texas Trauma-Informed Care Consortium is a collaboration between the Children’s Shelter, Voices for Children, and the City of San Antonio Metro Health Department. Its members comprise a wide array of community organizations committed to addressing the impact of trauma.

Members participate in 12 cross-sector workgroups that represent:

  • K–12 education
  • Child care
  • Child welfare
  • Mental/behavioral health
  • Medical/hospital sector
  • Justice systems
  • Local government
  • Philanthropy
  • Youth development/afterschool programs
  • Faith-based congregations
  • Family support services, and higher education

The Consortium serves as an advisory body for the Trauma-Informed San Antonio project.

Trauma-Informed San Antonio Organizational Structure

Trauma Informed Care Organizational Structure