Philosophy of Nursing

Philosophy of nursing states our thoughts on what we believe to be true about the nature of the profession of nursing and provide a basis for nursing activities. It endorses ethical values we hold as basic and bases our beliefs in theory. These values and beliefs are congruent with the University Health System's Mission, Vision and Values. To facilitate patient care, we use Helen Erickson's Nursing theory of Modeling and Role Modeling.

collaborativeteam1Doctors and nurses care for a man in the emergency roomDoctors rush a man on a stretcher down a hallway

We work as a collaborative team to continuously improve the health and well being of ourselves and the community.

A nurse holds a newborn while the parents watchTwo nurses consult a patient

We accept and respect our patients' unique view of self and their world.

Nurses point to a board on the wallA nurse poses in front of a wall full of researchNurses hold a meeting

We believe in the involvement of the professional nurse in shared governance, and we incorporate research and evidence-based practice in the development of standards of care.

Two nurses hold red wheels during a presentationNurses pose alongside a board congratulating them on their certificationA nurse gives a class

Nurses are responsible for lifelong learning, accountability for their practice and participation in interdisciplinary activities.