Collaborative Governance

Collaborative governance is based on values found within learning organizations and shared-governance. This is an interdisciplinary model that supports patient-centered care.  It is founded on the principles of partnership, equity, accountability and ownership of clinical practice. Improvement in patient care is the continual goal that is at the foundation of the collaborative governance. 

Learning communities provide engagement, support, and learning for interdisciplinary providers to broaden knowledge and expertise, problem-solve more collaboratively, use research for the improvement of care to their patients and steward knowledge to enhance care delivery. 

Collaborative Governance OVER PRACTICE Configuration

CABINET (Patient-Centered Collaborative Accountable)

  • Evidenced-Based Practice and Research (EBP & Research) Coordinating Council
  • Nursing Quality Coordinating Council
  • Professional Performance and Growth (PPG) Coordinating Council
  • Clinical Product Evaluation and Resource Coordinating Council
  • Nurse Ethics Coordinating Council