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Institute for Trauma-Informed Care

Institute for Trauma-Informed Care

About Us

In October 2019, the City of San Antonio selected University Health to provide trauma-informed training and technical assistance to other health care organizations for the Trauma-Informed San Antonio project.

University Health established the Institute for Trauma-Informed Care in January of 2020. The Institute provides training, technical assistance and coaching opportunities to organizations that want to become certified in Trauma-Informed Care (TIC).

The Institute’s efforts are tailored to the culture and unique health needs of San Antonio.

Our Mission

Trauma-Informed San Antonio will educate the community on the importance of being trauma-informed, describing what it means to be trauma-informed, and recognizing organizations and agencies that are trauma-informed in the county and the state.

Key functions and services

  • Partner with the Consortium to align TIC efforts in San Antonio by promoting a community vision, shared definition and common language.
  • Ensure San Antonio’s approach to delivering TIC reflects the community’s unique culture and demographic characteristics.
  • Provide cross-sector education and training on trauma and TIC to promote increased awareness and drive a citywide culture change.
  • Promote the use of trauma-informed best practices, across a variety of community sectors, that align with the community’s needs.
  • Provide assessment, training, technical assistance and coaching to organizations that want to become trauma-informed.
  • Certify and recertify organizations that have a process in place to ensure the principles of TIC are consistently employed.

Our Partners