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Everyday Extraordinary

Our Common Goal Brings Uncommon Results

Every single day, our doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals come to work as ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things—for patients and for each other.

It’s getting back to the business of care, while continually cleaning and mitigating risks, to lead all of us through the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s showing patients with immune-system conditions that they’re in safe hands. It’s demonstrating determination and innovation in every emergency. Because whether it’s a global crisis or a personal one, someone’s world is being turned upside down. It’s bringing the wonders of science and research down to the only level that matters—where the sick need healing.

Everyday extraordinary means combining our people’s expertise, energy and empathy in the understanding that the whole is much greater than the individual parts. That’s how the everyday people at University Health System achieve incredibly extraordinary things.

See what everyday extraordinary looks like—and how it impacts the patients and people of University Health System—by reading the stories below.


EVS Cleaning Crew

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Ron Estrella

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Lab Team

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Dr. Christina Bird

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Resource Team

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