COVID-19 Testing

With community spread of coronavirus now confirmed, travel and/or exposure history is no longer required to get tested. Patients of University Health System who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, shortness of breath and cough should make an appointment with their primary care physician to receive a referral to the community testing point at Freeman Coliseum.

The benefit for University Health System patients is in how we test the samples collected. To get ahead of the demand for COVID-19 testing, our laboratory staff created an in-house process at University Hospital. This means that patients suspected of contracting COVID-19 can have their samples tested at our hospital. In many cases, this means results are delivered more quickly than if they were tested elsewhere. Our lab is currently awaiting the delivery of new equipment that will allow processing of COVID-19 tests in as little as two hours.

Non-Health System patients who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms can get tested by filling out City of San Antonio’s screening form. You can expect a call scheduling your testing at the community testing point at Freeman Coliseum. It's important to note that the tests from the screening form are not coordinated by University Health System. We will not be able to provide updates on results – more information on criteria and testing results can be found on the City of San Antonio MetroHealth website.