High Risk Pregnancy and Heart Disease Conference

In Case You Missed It

5 highlights from the High Risk Pregnancy and Heart Disease Conference

On March 30, UT Health San Antonio partnered with University Health System for the 3rd annual conference, which brought together cardiologists, maternal fetal-medicine specialists and obstetric providers who are involved in caring for the pregnant patient with heart disease. Currently, cardiovascular disease is one of the highest causes of maternal morbidity and mortality. Here are some highlights:

  1. The majority of women who die from cardiovascular complications of pregnancy had no history of cardiovascular disease. Screening and recognition of warning signs in pregnancy is critically important to identify these women so early evaluation and treatment can be undertaken.
  2. Preeclampsia and hypertensive complications of pregnancy are strongly associated with cardiovascular disease later in life. Women with these conditions in pregnancy should be counseled about this increased risk and have enhanced surveillance.
  3. For women with known cardiovascular disease in pregnancy, a multidisciplinary team-based approach is essential for optimization of pregnancy and outcomes.
  4. Addressing contraception is a critically important aspect of care for women with known cardiovascular disease – every visit, every provider, every time.
  5. Many signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease in pregnancy can mimic common discomforts of pregnancy. Heightened awareness is needed in women with risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

For more information about our high-risk pregnancy cardiology program and for information on referral, contact us at 210-450-4888.