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5 tips for scrolling social media in a healthier way
October 05, 2021
These days, social media can feel like a drain sometimes. But there are steps you can take to engage with it in a healthier way.
Exercise & pregnancy: What expectant moms should know
September 21, 2021
Exercise during pregnancy is healthy for both mom and baby. Get the facts about how to do it safely.
Best and Worst Foods for Arthritis
September 15, 2021
If you have arthritis, you may wonder if there are natural ways to reduce joint pain and inflammation. Incorporating foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber into your diet is one way to do this.
Fit at Home: Biceps, Shoulders and Calves
September 09, 2021
In this video series, TDI exercise physiologist Irene Lopez teaches you how to get fit using common objects from around your home.
Boost your mood by visiting these San Antonio parks
August 26, 2021
Walking, hiking and biking all release endorphins, hormones that naturally relieve stress and pain, so spend some time outdoors at a San Antonio park.
Besides the pill, what are my birth control options?
August 19, 2021
The most common birth control methods for women are the pill and the long-acting reversible contraception like an IUD. But there are many choices when it comes to picking the best birth control for you.
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