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Safety & Injury Prevention
Suicide Prevention: help save a life
September 06, 2022
It’s more important than ever before to remain connected to those we love, especially if you suspect someone close to you may be struggling during this time.
Staying safe while playing sports in the heat
September 01, 2022
Dr. Mandie Tibball Svatek, a pediatrician at University Health, talks about steps parents and coaches can take to prevent heat from sidelining young athletes.
Summer safety tips: Keeping your kids safe in the water this summer
July 12, 2022
Keep your kids safe around the water this summer with these water safety tips.
Summer Barbecue Safety Tips
July 04, 2022
The act of flipping sizzling burgers on a barbecue grill is one of summer's simple pleasures. But with fire comes the potential for injury, so read up on our barbecue safety tips.
Sunscreen and sun-safety tips
July 01, 2022
As we start enjoying outdoor activities, we must remember to protect our skin from the sun. Too much exposure to the sun’s UV radiation can cause skin cancer, the most common cancer in the United States.
Summer Safety Tips: Preventing Hot Car Deaths
June 14, 2022
Summer is here and it’s important to remember that hot temperatures can be dangerous, especially to children. Get tips for preventing hot car injuries in this blog.
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