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Summer safety tips: Keeping your kids safe in the water this summer
July 12, 2022
Keep your kids safe around the water this summer with these water safety tips.
Summer Safety Tips: Preventing Hot Car Deaths
June 14, 2022
Summer is here and it’s important to remember that hot temperatures can be dangerous, especially to children. Get tips for preventing hot car injuries in this blog.
Learn to recognize symptoms of heat stroke
June 10, 2022
Increased heat exposure contributes to heat stroke and heat exhaustion – two major health dangers you need to be aware of before heading outside.
Drunk driving increases during Fiesta
April 06, 2022
According to a study, drunk driving crashes increase by 20% during Fiesta, which runs from March 31 through April 10 this year.
Staying safe in cold weather
January 20, 2022
When sidewalks get icy or you have no choice but to work outside in freezing temperatures, it’s important to understand your risk for injury in order to prevent it.
Firework Safety Tips
December 30, 2021
Before you light up that sparkler this holiday week, make sure to consider the hazards of fireworks, and learn how to keep yourself and your children safe.
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