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COVID-19 update: Vaccines for children 5-11
September 30, 2021
Dr. Mandie Svatek, a pediatrician at University Health, answers common questions from worried parents, and why she allowed her own daughter to participate in a COVID-19 vaccine clinical study.
Emergency Room vs. Walk-In Care
September 07, 2021
Dr. Ralph Riviello has identified five criteria to consider when deciding where an adult should seek treatment, and he has advice on when to call 911.
Handwashing and masking tips for kids
September 02, 2021
Dr. Mario Martinez shares tips for parents who have questions about how to keep their kids safe this semester.
How to talk to children about grief & COVID-19
August 31, 2021
Talking about death is hard enough, and harder to explain to a child. Talking about a COVID-19 death is especially challenging. Child life specialist Rebecca Charlton from our palliative care team has helped many families and children face this tough subject.
COVID-19 Update: Reducing the Risks for Kids at School with Dr. Teresa Ruiz
July 29, 2021
Dr. Teresa Ruiz, a pediatrician at University Health, discusses the reasons children should return to the classroom, and offers advice for minimizing their risks from infection.
Why we should all be trauma-informed
July 13, 2021
Trauma-informed care is taught in most health care environments like University Health, but the general public is encouraged to learn more about it, too.
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